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Documenting Life  |  Capturing Emotions  |  Freezing Time

My goal is to create emotions when you receive your final images – smiles, goose bumps, laughter and maybe a tear or two.

​Hi, I’m Anthony Shearin and I live in the Spring Branch / Bulverde area – Texas Hill Country. I’ve lived in five states (some more than once) besides Texas as well as Italy and Germany. When I win the lottery, I’m buying a home in Sicily.

Photography makes my heart sing! In 2016 I replaced my necktie with a neck strap in pursuit of turning a hobby into a business.

Connecting with people is in my DNA. Many of my friends find it amazing, and a little odd, that I get to know employees at area retail stores and restaurants. I genuinely like people - I'm a really nice guy.

"Be Kind To One Another" - Ellen DeGeneres. I like Ellen a lot! ​

P.S. Asking about my grandmother – Chloe – will lead to endless funny stories about times spent with her in a rural farming community of North Carolina. She made the best biscuits!

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