Where do the sessions take place?

A. The majority of sessions occur in outdoor settings like parks, fields, public spaces, and a client's yard. I have also conducted sessions in unconventional places like a church parking lot, beside a storage container, within an underground parking garage, along the side of a road, and other unique locations. We'll go over potential locations during the pre-session consultation. Additionally, I offer the flexibility to set up a portable studio with lights, backgrounds, and more in your home or office for a more formal portrait experience. Please note that depending on the distance to your preferred location, a travel fee may apply.

What do I wear?

A. First and most important - wear what makes you comfortable (o.k. - within reason... a t-shirt and sweats are very comfortable but may not be the best choice). Two clothing choices at least...three or four is preferred. Natural, earthy tones are suggested – blues, greens, browns, and creams all work well together. Avoid busy patterns, bold logos, multi-colored stripes, and neon colors as these often conflict with backgrounds. White is acceptable but may not be the best choice on sunny days as it reflects light. Avoid all black / mostly black apparel. Props for your interests, hobbies, sports you enjoy, and so forth are welcome.

Couples / Families - avoid wearing exact matches, that's so '80s (just like the green bottle of Ralph Lauren polo for men). Coordinated clothing works best. This doesn't refer to the same color necessarily, but to color 'families'. I'm happy to send you a clothing style guide as a reference.

Is a hairstylist and make-up artist available?

A. Please note that our photography services do not include hair styling or makeup. Clients are encouraged to come prepared for the session with their desired hair and makeup looks. You are welcome to bring whomever you trust for these services to the session to do light touch-ups.

Can my pet be in the photo?

A. Of course - pets are family! I've been around dogs most of my life, a few cats, owned some awesome horses, and worked on a cattle ranch. Snakes give me goosebumps - and not in a good way - so if you plan to pose with your pet snake know that I will use my extreme telephoto lens from a point far away. If you're planning to have pets at the session, let's discuss this during our pre-session consult visit.

"I hate getting my picture taken!"

A. I get it - trust me. Unless I'm being photographed with an NFL team, I'm always the giant in the picture. I understand that not everyone loves the idea of being photographed. Patient - fun - easy going are words that describe me and the approach to our session.

How many images do you take?

A. A lot! I don't impose a specific limit on the number of photos taken during a session. My aim is to capture images that genuinely reflect the personality of the individual(s) in front of the camera, documenting life in that particular moment and capturing genuine emotion. Whether it's 30, 54, or 87 images, there's no fixed number.

Following the session, I carefully review the images, eliminating any that are not acceptable. The remaining images are lightly edited and then placed in your gallery. From there, you have the opportunity to select the final images for me to retouch. Clients often discover they want more images than initially included in their chosen collection, and that's absolutely fine. You have the option to purchase additional images for retouching and inclusion in your gallery.

How long until I receive the photos?

A. You will gain access to a selection of lightly edited images for your review within five days of our session. From there, you can choose your favorite images (number based on the collection purchased). After receiving your selected images, I will retouch each one, and within 14 days upload them to your gallery.

Editing vs. Retouching - What's the difference?

A. Editing is the process of making necessary technical tweaks. It involves things such as cropping, adjusting the exposure, correcting white balance, adjusting contrast, applying proper saturation, etc. All images placed in your gallery will be slightly edited but not retouched.

Retouching is the process of correcting imperfections within an image. For portraits, this includes things such as the removal of minor blemishes (i.e. pimples), teeth whitening, correcting any redness/veins in eyes, reducing under-eye bags, removing major wrinkles, removing stray hairs, correcting skin tone blotchiness, etc. Retouching is more complicated and time-consuming than editing and is only done on the images that you selected for your collection.

Retouching cannot correct everything but the process will make your portraits look more "polished" and you will look your best. Can I change your eye color from brown to blue? Yes. Can I remove every single wrinkle on your face? Yes. Can I put your face on a supermodel? Yes. Will I? No. My goal in retouching is to have a final image that appears natural, not over-done and reflects you.

Will you photograph my Wedding?

A. I love weddings - meeting new people, great food, fun, and laughter. I'll be your guest in a heartbeat and will sit on whatever side of the aisle you wish. Although I have photographed a couple of weddings for close friends, I am not a wedding photographer. I recommend you look for a professional and experienced wedding photographer (keywords - professional and experienced). I'm happy to provide you with referrals to professional wedding photographers.

What if the weather does not cooperate?

A. I will keep a close eye on the weather forecast leading up to your photoshoot date and will let you know if I anticipate any issues. We will reschedule to the next best date and time if necessary. If you prefer to keep your photoshoot date, we can alternatively explore indoor options.

How do I get prints of my selected images?

A. You will have access to a wide variety of top-of-the-line products right from your online gallery. These include prints, framed photos, canvases, acrylics, metals, and customizable graduation cards. Products you order will ship directly to your door!

The final images you have selected will be available in a high-resolution, JPG format that is suitable for printing. The images are captured in an aspect ratio of 2:3 enabling most images to be printed in sizes 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, 24x36, 30x45, and 40x60. Most images will also be printable in a 4:5 aspect ratio which includes sizes 4x5, 8x10, 16x20, 36x45, and 40x50. Note that when ordering prints online, you may have the option to adjust the image crop to fit your desired print size.

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